provides free accounts for everyone who can't buy one themselves,
our concept has changed numerous times and from now on,
there is just a list of accounts that you can download.
Please don't change the passwords.
We will upload a new list as soon as we find out that more than 2/3 of the accounts aren't working anymore!
Acc # Works Reported on MCBans*
1 no yes
2 no yes
3 yes no
4 no no
5 yes yes
6 yes yes
7 no no
8 yes no
9 yes no
10 yes yes
11 no no
12 yes no
13 yes yes
14 yes no

Download the list here!

*Someone may have griefed or something,
getting banned on the global minecraft list, not all servers, but a lot of big servers...

It is fine to grief, but please, don't get banned everywhere!

If an account is marked "not working" someone has changed the password...

Any accounts not working anymore?
Please email us at !